Henri Matisse, A Vase with Oranges, 1916
Oil on canvas, Private Collection

Hey Hey Hey... everyone should come to Mushrooms-n Moonshine and I want that to be the blog post y'all see should you land on this page... but Jammin' is coming up 10/21... so snap up the limited tkts. for that!!!  (and scroll down for the info on buying tkts. for Mushroom's)

Should be able to describe Jammin' in a few snappy words- but its kinda complicated. Came about when a few artist friends were sitting 'round saying we should get together on Sunday afternoons and pitch-in and hire a live model and do some figure drawing... then one of the people we were sitting with who is a musician said- "hey- my band could come and we could be your models" and so the idea was hatched! Jammin' musicians and drawing and then, why not add jam-making too?

Come join communaltable for a Sunday afternoon of warmth, storytelling, jam-making, music, and drawing. We'll meet in a beautiful Prospect Hts. brownstone and be fortified with jammy treats, a jammy cocktail and good cheer! And you get to go home with your own jar of homemade marmalade!

Tickets are $35 and are on sale via SideTour