New Series: Communal Table Cooking Club

Introducing a new series:
Communal Table Cooking Club

One Sunday afternoon a month we’re scheduling a few hours to just have fun, get messy and take on cooking projects you might otherwise not. We’ll sip wine or tea, tell stories and make enough to share tastes of what we’re cooking, and take some home for later. 
Come to one, a series, or come to them all. Just make sure to reserve in advance as we’re limiting group size to make sure we all get our hands in. Family Friendly (and hmmm, might make a good date!) 

Locations will be in Brooklyn and Manhattan for now, and in the warmer months we’ll offer Upstate workshops too, using local farm goods for seasonally apt projects! More dates to be announced soon and let us know if you’d be interested in hosting!
Cost per person: $35 includes materials and snacks. Please bring a bottle of wine, beer or your beverage of choice to share.

Holy Mole! 
Sunday 2.13  2-4:30 PM 
It’s scientifically proven chocolate is good for you, plus it’s almost Valentine’s Day… ‘nough said.
Together we’ll put a pot of vegetarian Mole up to stew then busy ourselves making chocolate peanut butter cups and hand rolled, decorated chocolates and truffles. Once the mole’s cooked we'll make tamales, a traditional accompaniment that goes along with it. We’ll taste some on the spot, and take some home along with assorted chocolates!
Mathematical Pie
Sunday 3.13  2-4:30 PM
(π = 3.14) Dough + Filling = Pie! 
Lets crank up the oven and get baking.
Savory Pies, Hand Pies, Shepherd’s Pie, Sweety Pies!  We’ll have recipe’s and mini-tins and pins on hand, and share our skills with dough… but please!!! bring your favorite recipes too. We’ll exchange ideas and tips and tastes and stories.
4.10   2-4:30 PM
A meal becomes a composition and a thing of beauty in the Japanese Bento Box. Have some fun with Japanese CharaBen (character bento) and geek out making rice ball bunnies and sushi frogs. Or eschew silly fun and go elegant with traditional Japanese arrangements.  We’ll have ingredients and pattern books and various cutting tools on hand and you can follow the rules or be wild. Bring your cameras ‘cause what you make will not only look good, it’ll taste delicious and will quickly be consumed!

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